From the news networks, to financial publications, and to the internet, investors today are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of investment information. People can be driven to irrational decisions by too much complexity and uncertainty. To become the most successful investor you can be, one must understand and consistently develop, implement, & review the very best, time-tested strategies of the industry’s top investment minds.
Our alliance firms, working on an institutional lever, are not typically available to the individual investor. We see our relationship with these experts the same way that the head coach of a team looks at his assistant coaches and players. We hire the best in each field and closely monitor their performance. If one needs to be replaced, it is easily accomplished without disrupting our client’s investment program.​Our investing professionals on our team focus fully on the aspect we believe is essential for our client’s long-term success: their financial education. Teaching our clients about how the markets work, how the tax code affects their finances, and how effective strategies can help preserve and grow their wealth.​Our clients are able to make their investment decisions from a macro perspective, based on complex information about their range of options. They feel confident about their choices. This helps them to stay the course, to avoid costly changes, and to ultimately achieve their financial goals.​

Alternative Assets & Speciality Asset Management

We analyze a wide range of asset classes, including hedge and private equity funds and global investment alternatives The Capital Management Group. This can include non-traditional assets such as:​
  • Hedge funds
  • Private equity
  • Real estate and tangible assets
  • Movie & Film Development & Production​
  • Farm and ranch land Timberland
    Oil and gas properties
    Private businesses
Because performance is often differentiated from equity and fixed income markets, alternative investments may be an ideal complement to traditional investments.

Real Estate

Specialty asset management at The Capital Management Group focuses on nonfinancial assets to integrate these real assets into your overall plan and portfolio, we  help you realize your objectives with assets you already own, or help you acquire specific assets to take advantage of their capital growth and diversification potential — whether you own these assets outright or they are held in trust. Our team of specialists can provide complete turnkey services including identifying and purchasing real property and providing ongoing management.​

Capital Markets

Through our relationships and access to the resources on our institutional platforms, and  the world’s leading capital markets participants, we can tailor approaches to risks and opportunities in the foreign exchange, interest rate, commodity and equity markets. Derivative-based transactions target the risks you seek to hedge, and are designed to dovetail with your overall portfolio and wealth management strategies.

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