Acquisitions are often an important part of a company’s growth plan. Our team can help your company conceptualize and implement an effective acquisition strategy. Our multidisciplinary team uses a five-step process to help you identify and realize business synergies through acquisition:

Step 1: Strategic Planning

We begin by assessing your available options and the viability of an acquisition growth strategy. After obtaining a thorough understanding of your business, we develop an acquisition criteria based on parameters such as sector and industry, size, geography, financial performance, and culture. Drawing on our knowledge of the middle market, we conduct a targeted acquisition search and complete in-depth analysis of acquisition targets. Finally, we begin contacting the most appropriate targets while preserving the level of confidentiality you require at all times.

Step 2: Deal Creation

After narrowing the field of potential acquisitions, we lead discussions with selected targets and perform preliminary due diligence and valuation analysis. Once we’ve identified the right acquisition target, our valuation professionals determine an appropriate value for the target. We also work with your other advisors to negotiate and structure a proposal for the target.

Step 3: Deal Execution

Because we have due diligence experts on staff, we can maintain deal momentum after you have signed a letter of intent. We coordinate with your operations diligence team and other advisors to structure the deal, conduct detailed negotiations, and execute contracts. Throughout this process, we rely on ClearDeal, our proprietary web-based software, and our virtual data room to manage all documentation and correspondence. In this way, we ensure that the diligence timetable is maintained, and thereby increase the chances of a successful closing.

Step 4: Financing

We can help you determine the optimal financing strategy, prepare a financing package, identify and contact financing sources, solicit terms, coordinate financing due diligence, negotiate a financing contract, and coordinate its close.

Step 5: Integration

An acquisition is not complete until you can realize the full value of the synergies between your company and the target company. We can help you develop an integration plan that addresses corporate restructuring, human resource and culture integration, financial statement consolidation, and technology and operations integration. We can also coordinate an integration team within your company and monitor its progress to ensure that you obtain the previously identified synergies.

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