As today’s economic, financial and tax landscape becomes increasingly complex, an approach to investment management that considers your entire financial picture can lead to clearer and more confident financial decisions. That’s because every financial decision — from your investment choices to financing a home, saving for retirement, funding a child’s education, securing a comfortable retirement, planning your legacy or business planning — also carries important tax implications. Making financial decisions in a silo that ignores important components of your overall financial picture can lead to unintended consequences and ineffective outcomes.

At The Capital Management Group, we believe all aspects of your financial picture should be given equal emphasis, including the impact of taxes on both short- and long-term financial decisions. That’s the reason we set out to reinvent the way financial services are delivered; by introducing a comprehensive approach to total wealth management delivered by your most trusted advisor.

Tax Strategy

Our strategic tax planning services are suited for self-employed individuals & successful business owners to maximize their bottom line, emphasizing after-tax returns. More comprehensive than traditional tax planning, it employs a deeper examination of you’re the relationship and planning between yourself, your business, and the fine print of federal, state, and local laws.

If traditional tax planning relies on a business x-ray, CMG’s strategic tax planning utilizes a 3-D MRI. Our process results in the clearest, most comprehensively detailed picture of you and your business. We take it one level further. the analyzed data will drive a unique, targeted, strategic tax plan that develop your most effective tax solutions.

We’ll gather and analyze information about your business including tax returns, financial statements, employee information, succession plans, and estate plans. Working alongside our team of financial advisors, tax professionals, and attorneys, we are able to provide you with the best plan with a team who understands your big-picture business story,

We’ll deliver a comprehensive report that outlines our findings and how they’ll potentially impact your business. We’ll recommend action steps to increase your tax efficiency, and we’ll cite and explain the legal support for them. With this report in hand, you can feel sure you have a professionally-structured approach to tax minimization.

Our work is performed in accordance with current tax authority, including the Internal Revenue Code, court decisions, revenue procedures, revenue rulings and Treasury regulations. Further, our analysis uses the standards set forth in the Cost Segregation Audit Techniques Guide utilized by the Internal Revenue Service.

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