The Capital Management Group of Washington D.C., Inc. is a registered* investment advisory & insurance producer firm that specializes in executive financial planning, investment management, tax & estate planning, and insurance strategy for high net-worth individuals, small-to-medium size businesses & institutions. Our firm lives and breaths to, very simply, keep our clients healthy, wealthy, & Financially Fit ™

Why Us?

We believe it’s not about the money, it’s about the purpose of money in your life.

We believe financial planning needs to be simpler and more effectively communicated.

We believe that the most important aspect of financial planning is educating investors about strategies that the financial industry utilizes but does not communicate to the public.

We believe that in financial planning, as in life, there is always another perspective to consider.

We believe that for financial planning to be effective it must focus on each individual’s human behavior.

We believe that through education and goal-oriented, result driven planning, we can provide the confidence and strategies necessary for people to accomplish their goals and attain financial independence no matter where they are in life.

We know that having the autonomy of independence  allows us to always develop strategies for you that are always in your best interest, true to the fiduciary standard


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