Vamsi S. Atreya

President, Chief Executive Officer

james esler

James M. Esler, CFP ®

Managing Partner, Chief Investment Officer

unnamed[1]Jake Vincent

Managing Partner, Chief Risk Officer

account management
Client & Account Support Team- Oversees & actively monitors all activity within your wealth building plan to ensure that we’re on track & adjusting accordingly.
wealth designers
Portfolio & Wealth Design Team- Constructs our initial portfolios & designs wealth strategies built for longevity.
business support
Research & Data Support Team- Researches and informs the firm on the best opportunities in the marketplace, tailored to your strategy.
Operations Team- Assists with back-office needs and maintains compliance across all business activities.

The Capital Management Group Inc. maintains a leadership team based on merit. The three partners were hand-picked executives from the financial services, investment banking, boutique & nonretail insurance, and regulatory backgrounds.

The story behind our firm is simple. After each partner perfected their crafts at places ranging from the Insurance & Real Estate behemoth Prudential, the institutional private wealth-management group at Morgan Stanley, all the way to the other side  at The United State’s largest self-regulatory body,  FINRA (The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), the once just-friends, now partners, harmonized their specialties as the independent,  Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), The Capital Management Group Inc.

Each individual partner has built their own successful practices, respectively, through developing, building, and maintaining quality relationships. The partners’ success came from their parallel, yet one-of-a-kind, goal-oriented advisory process guiding individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofits with integrity. However, a growing frustration was building within each and every single partner; we each knew that our clients would benefit the most from our relationships within the industry, unaffiliated and independent of the institutional & corporate slant that inherently comes along with working with an advisor at these institutions. Trusting that our existing clients valued our personal services & relationship, the partners came together as The Capital Management Group Inc. Our firm lives and breaths to, very simply, keep our clients healthy, wealthy, & Financially Fit ™.