We perform like a family office—and deliver as a team.

For individuals or multi-generational families of significant wealth, our service extends beyond our investment and fiduciary expertise into every facet of financial life. Your situation is complex, and your story—completely unique. So with a careful and thoughtful approach, we provide an overlay of services and capabilities, and consult with your existing advisors to ensure a well-coordinated, personalized plan.

The Capital Management Group can:

  • Oversee and manage customized portfolios and specialty investments

  • Utilize in-depth balance sheets, cash flow and estate planning analyses to better inform investment decisions

  • Consult on corporate executive compensation, philanthropic planning and next-generation financial education

  • Facilitate family meetings to consider legacy, business ownership and management transitions

  • Assemble professional providers with specific expertise in accounting and tax advice, risk management, real estate and banking

  • Consult with your advisors to deliver a well-executed plan

Sophisticated Credit Solutions

Your financial strength allows you to use credit strategically to create and benefit from unique financial opportunities. We can provide financing solutions to help meet immediate short and long-term needs plus specialty insurance structuring & financing options when your borrowing need is to acquire assets, including:

  • Yachts

  • Aircraft

  • Fine art

  • Investor commercial real estate

  • Hedge funds

  • Concentrated or restricted stock positions

  • Recreational real estate

  • Hollywood & Bollywood firm & movie production

Customized credit solutions can also play a crucial role in implementing your trust and wealth transfer strategies.

Private Client Line

Through our relationships with the most trusted institutions in the world, we are able to arrange flexible line(s) of credit, secured by your investment management accounts at The Capital Management Group of Washington D.C. The Private Client Line is designed to help you meet liquidity needs and enhance your cash flow without depleting cash reserves or compromising your investment strategy.

Afterall, a key component of your overall financial strategy should include cash management. At The Capital Management Group, we offer traditional banking solutions and services designed to help you:

  • Manage traditional everyday liquidity

  • Maximize access and convenience to your funds

  • Generate competitive returns on your deposit balances

Your client team will develop a tailored financial strategy to help meet your short-term liquidity needs as well as your longer-term personal and financial goals.

Real Estate Finance

The right mortgage can not only meet your residential real estate needs, but can be a cornerstone of managing your wealth. You will be advised by a team of specialists who understand substantial real estate transactions and the importance of personalized loan structures. From traditional or customized mortgages to home equity lines of credit, we will work to find the right solution to help meet your needs.

Financial Management Tool

Aviation Management

  • Coordinate Structuring To Reduce Tax Expense

  • Monitor Budgets and Cash-flow for Client Aircraft Partially Leased

  • Ensure Filings and Procedures Comply With IRS and FAA Requirements

  • Selection of Aircraft Based on Client-specific Requirements

Monitor and manage your CMG D.C. accounts at any time using our sophisticated and secure online. You can also view your accounts at other financial institutions and transfer funds from them into your CMG D.C. accounts.

If you own a small business, simplify your business banking and management through our powerful account management service. In addition to these everyday banking services, The Capital Management Group of Washington D.C. offers special resources to families with particularly complex wealth needs and ownership structures.