Our process is straightforward, consultative and collaborative in nature. The clients with whom we mutually agree to engage follow a five-step process that’s goes like this:

1) The First Date 

Our first step is to ascertain what it is you are looking to accomplish. Are we the right firm for you? Are you the right client for us? This is a two-way dialogue where we get to ask each other important questions and determine whether it makes sense to move forward with the process. 

2) Visualizing Your Perfect Life

The first step after deciding to work together starts with asking about your “Why?”.  After going through and finding out “What” your biggest financial concerns, goals and aspirations are. We differentiate ourselves by digging deeper into why  you value certain goals, people, and things , what have you done to protect and provide for it? We’ve found that by truly understanding a person’s why, developing the steps to accomplish whatever Your Perfect Life looks like to you, is the most effective.

3) Teamwork & Dreamwork

In our Teamwork & Dreamwork Meeting, we gather Private Access room with a large semi-circle couch and bright wall full of whiteboards. Through discussion and collaboration, we discover and map out your goals and objectives, family and professional relations, financials, and more so we can get the full picture of your lifestyle and financial planning and investment needs.

More often than not there will be gaps between here and where you need to be in order to accomplish your goals. We will analyze the gaps in your situation based on the information you have provided and start developing paths of least resistance that capitalize on opportunities. 

4) The Honey Moon

Every person at the The Capital Management Group Inc. is legally, and ethically, bound to the Fiduciary Standard of Care. What that means for you is that our behavior, actions, and recommendations  will 100% always be in your best interest. We will present you with an action plan – a tangible series of steps to remedy the gaps we see in your situation, and to proactively move you toward your final destination. Because our compensation does not drive our recommendations: our intent is to solely find right plan for you, and build a relationship for the long-run.

5) Growing Together, Actively 

We know you are too busy to keep a constant eye on your finances, so we make sure that we do. That said, we have sophisticated systems in place that allow you to closely monitor your financial situation as frequently as you wish.

The clients that implement our plan with us receive the best strategy and access to information & services in the industry. They are tactfully tailored and adjusted to align perfectly with the goals we’ve set out to achieve together. Our single key goal is to ensure that the tools we use are right for you.

If there is one thing we know, it’s that the only constant in life is change. We will connect with you at least four times a year to stay actively engaged in your life and find out how things have changed for you.