For many people, tax-advantaged investing is an excellent way to tax liability. And while many of the traditional tax-advantaged strategies have been eliminated, there are still alternatives left that can help you reduce your taxes.

The Capital Management Group are experts in “Tax deferral”. This strategy a method of postponing the payment of income tax on currently earned investment income until the investor withdraws funds from the account. Tax deferral is encouraged by the government to stimulate long-term saving and investment, especially for retirement.

Only investment vehicles designated as “tax deferred,” such as IRAs, plans covering self-employed persons, and 401(k)s, allow taxes to be deferred. In addition, many insurance-related vehicles, such as deferred annuities and certain life insurance contracts, provide tax-deferred benefits.

As apart of our planning process, we factor in taxes to every part of the plan. Through our attention to detail, we are able to develop the most accurate and strategic plans to accomplish your life’s financial goals.